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Software Management - EZ Zone Controller V3.8.2 01/07/2015

Windows Download

32/64-bit for Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 and SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8

MAC Download

MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9

Linux Download

Ubuntu 11.04

EnGenius Zone Controller Access Point Management software provides a robust suite of tools for IT managers, installers and network administrators who deploy, manage and maintain wireless networks. With Zone Controller, EnGenius Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Access Points and Client Bridges can be configured, controlled and monitored from one central location.Zone Controller is a valuable tool for organizations that deploy multiple EnGenius long-range, versatile wireless networking products into complex architectural or environmentally - challenging networking environments.

  • Easy-to-use User Interface
  • Optimize network performance
  • Eliminate downtime
  • See real-time wireless coverage
  • Monitor and control each assetMonitor traffic load by AP, MAC or IP Address
  • Sequential firmware upgrades to same APs/Bridges
  • Import and archive floor plan maps for radio coverage plotting
  • Label assets by MAC or IP address or user-defined aliases
  • Real time AP statistics
Find out more software feature and compatiable access point list at: OrTalk to us for free consultation 1300 725 323Hardware Management - EnGenius Neutron SeriesThe EnGenius Wireless Management Solution products can be mixed and matched to create ideal wireless connectivity solutions for hotels, resorts, high schools, universities, corporate campuses, sports stadiums and arenas and for other companies and organizations.

This is a scalable solution for operations that occupy large properties and that need to deploy, monitor, and manage numerous EnGenius EWS Wireless Access Points from one simple and accessible browser-based software platform. EWS Switches can support any small number of EWS Wireless Access Points to several hundred depending on the number of EWS Switches in the network. -

EZ Controller supports the following EnGenius Products (versions noted are firmware, and hardware if applicable):
ENH202 FW v1.5.0
EAP300 FW v1.4.4
ENH202 HW v2 FW 1.6.18 EAP300 HW v2 FW v1.6.8
ENH500 FW v1.5.2 EAP350 FW v1.5.2
ENH500 HW v2 FW v1.5.27 EAP350 HW v2 FW v1.6.2
ENH900EXT FW v2.0.8 EAP600 FW v1.6.8
ENH1750EXT FW v2.0.5 EAP900H FW v2.1.15
ENS202 FW v1.5.1 EAP1750H FW v2.0.5
ENS202EXT FW v1.5.1 ECB300 FW v1.2.4
ENS500 FW v1.5.0 ECB350 FW v1.5.1
ENS500EXT FW v1.5.0 ECB350 HW v2 FW v1.6.12
EnStation2 FW v1.5.8 ECB600 FW v1.5.2
EnStation5 FW v1.5.8 ECB1750 FW v1.0.0

See more at: EnGenius Neutron Series
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